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Gardens of Time is a hidden object game (HOG) developed by Playdom for Facebook. Designed with great artworks, the game features many a landmark in its in-game scenes, ranging from Egypt to London. Unlike other HOGs, it structures its gameplay in a different way by integrating garden-building together with hidden object puzzle-solving. In it, players will take up the role of a new recruit to the Time Society, building Time gardens with found historical antiques so as to unlock up to 22 playable scenes to find hidden objects. In every scene, players need to find the required objects whose names are listed at the bottom of the interface. There is no timer to cut off the gameplay, but time bonus and skill bonus will be scored in rewarding system. Meanwhile four types of help are also offered to give hints, such as narrowing search scope or highlight objects. Every scene can be replayed without limits, serving a quicker way for high score and XP.

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