General War: Memories

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General War: Memories is a free browser-based strategy war game set in the World War II. The game creates an alternate world of chaos and brings the fierce, intense battles back to life with historical battlefields, tanks and generals.

General War: Memories

Players in General War assume the role of commanders ambitious to rise victoriously in the war flame. Players will build their own base of operations managing resources and constructing buildings so that they gain back support with bountiful income, army units, war machines, equipment and generals. Most of game concepts are based on authentic archetypes used or seen in history. With a strong army, the commander can fight in historical battlefields jumping into fray of raids, challenging each other in Arenas and teaming up to battle massive world war for glory and higher rank.

General War: Memories offers free and fast battle fun with its great variety of army units and machines, dynamic multiplayer challenge and good graphics & sound tracks.

Key Features:

  • A fast-paced multiplayer online game packed with shooting action and strategic play
  • Historical battlefields, tanks, generals, etc. to bring an alternate WWII back to life
  • City-building simulation with micromanagement of resources, army units and equips
  • Multiplayer competition with established concepts including raids, arenas, ranks and massive war
  • Free-to-play and browser-based