Ghost Catchers

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Ghost Catchers is a free-to-play thrilling spooky RPG with rich lore, diverse combat and unique graphics. It creates an alternate modern world where spirits oblivious to humans’ eyes roam about in the midst of mankind. Correspondingly, there are talented ghost catchers as leverage to keep the world in balance.

Ghost Catchers

Players in the game are young ghost catchers who will catch the various uncanny creatures to fulfill their mission and also battle their own generation to become the best of all. Following the story-driven quest line, the ghost catchers will capture and collect a rich variety of spooky creatures and even earn their support in battles against opponents and their tamed spirits.

Completing quests reward players with Exp, Mojo and attribute points and so on that can further improve their powers. Competition among ghost catchers pushes them to become stronger. So does cooperation – players can befriend with each other and team up for greater odds of winning.

Ghost Catchers is developed by Nurogames, the creator behind many hit apps like World of Kingdoms, Tiny Bee and Bibi’s Stardust Chase.

Ghost Catchers is available for free at both App Store and Google Play.

Key Features:

  • An intriguing spooky world of spirit to explore and have adventure
  • Rich ghost lore that captivates you with thrilling and fun quests
  • A variety of uncanny beings to capture and collect for potential helpers
  • Fierce competition against other ghost catchers to see who’s the best
  • Collaboration among the talented catchers for massive win
  • Boosters and magic to use for great edge in battle
  • Free-to-play