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Gladiator: Senatus Populusque Romanus (Gladiator: SPQR) is a 3D third-person arena combat MMO based on the ancient gladiator combat in the Colosseum. The game puts players into the role of well-known gladiators through history, who will play the game of death and honor against both men and wild animals for public entertainment.

Gladiator: SPQR

Unlike the larger-than-life action games, Gladiator: SPQR is uniquely focused on the realistic factors in a battle in the real life. It brings a spin-off by adding vital points of a human anatomy. Actions – jump, run, evade, attack, etc. – will drain stamina, and wounds to different body parts will take their tolls with a palpable consequence. Specifically, an arrow in the knee will slow down your movement, while ten times’ waving a sword will make you heave. Damage and states change abilities, which in turn require the change of tactics. With a tiring body, players need to use skills, cunning, timing and everything they have to survive and win.

Gladiator: SPQR is now under development at Seda Interactive, an indie development team that is working hard in an attempt of bringing it online. Currently, the devs is running a Kickstarter campaign for Gladiator, pledging $35,000 for the development of everything that needed to be made in 3D. Players who love the core concept of the game can go to the kickstarter page ( and support it.