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Global Soccer, as the title suggests, is a football-themed sport MMORPG, which is the debut production of Poland-based Firekom. Newly announced last month, this game is free-to-play and available in a dozen or so different languages at the official site now.

Global Soccer

In Global Soccer, players strive to become a super football star. Decide the team position to play on, build up the abilities and horn skills, compete against rivals on the pitch, try to win the trophies and money, and become a wealthy celebrity. With money earned from matches, players can progress faster in career and in prestige. In a nutshell, players do all that is needed to rise as a legendary striker, midfielder or defender.

In addition to the bulk of football matches, the game as an MMORPG features social and role-playing elements realized in the in-game City. There, players can pay visits to a series of locations to enjoy themselves, such as disco, restaurant, shopping center and park, etc.. All listed here serve as pleasant distraction for players to have fun in casual. Besides, players can also socialize by joining or creating football clubs.

Global Soccer is in open beta now. Everyone can become a football star in this virtual world. If interested, get the ball rolling.