God of Axion Open Beta Starts in Nov., Get free Aether from MMOHunter

TIME : 01st Nov 2012 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

The BETA is dawning in the skies of God of Axion in November. To be exact, this new exciting browser-based strategy game made by indie 7 Elements Studio will enter open beta on Nov. 6th, 2012. And the game developer offers an exclusive treat to MMOHunter readers, that is, 200 free Aether, in-game currency, to get a leg up in the competitive battles.

God of Axion

For those who are still not familiar with God of Axion, it is a free online strategy game that you play directly in your browser, where you cooperate and compete with thousands of players from around the world. Start with a small island, harvest resources, build a city, train an army, cast blessings, and take over the sky!

In God of Axion, players can align themselves with one of the three elements (Fire, Water, and Earth), obtaining various bonuses from the chosen element, including the ability to build elemental troops, unique to the element. Also, they say that the bravest players find a way to call upon the mysterious Air nation that has vanquished long ago to aid them in the battles of the present.

GoA is better played with friends. Here, the emphasis is placed upon the cooperative efforts of players, creating mighty alliances, who fight each other in the skies. And there are plenty of ways to do that: brave hearts yearning for conquest rally their troops and order them to march into battle; peaceful players cast blessings to aid their friends or strike their enemies with deadly curses; cunning players prefer sending spies to scout and sabotage.

The GoA developers’ team contributes a lot of time and efforts to communication with players solving their problems right away, and making sure that players’ ideas are integrated into the game. Come visit us at the forum and you would like to join our friendly community right away.

A brand new world, unique troops, powerful blessings, deadly curses, random storms in ever-changing skies, magnificent structures, balanced trading system, insidious espionage, colonization of enemy islands, powerful alliance bonuses, devastating catapults, legendary griffons, fierce dragons, noble leviathans, and unsurpassed golems… This is GOD OF AXION BETA!

Now, the registration for Beta is live now. And registering from HERE gives you 200 free Aether! Hurry up, only the first 1000 will get the special gift!