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Golden Age is a free-to-play browser-based MMO that merges two of the most popular elements: real-time strategy and role-playing. It is a medieval European-styled online game, in which players role-play a Sire to develop cities and command armies in the war.

Golden Age

Golden Age starts fairly conventional, with three avatars for both genders representing the three factions in the game. You can select to join Knights Templar, Ibero Alliance or Rhine Commerce Guild. And the choice doesn’t influence your play style except that it determines your future foes and friends.

When you enter the game world, you are in the Sanctum city, the side-scrolling role-play town where you meet various NPCs to accept and deliver simple quests. Initially, you just run errands shuffling between different NPCs to learn the game basics like wear equipment, healing wounded units and exploring wilderness and dungeons. And gradually, you will get more complicated tasks that may require you to find a certain NPC to dismantle your certain item and then use the parts to finish a particular quest.

The role-playing part in the NPC town is one important feature of the game, but still serves the purpose of facilitating the major part of gameplay, RTS. You can travel to your city by simply clicking the city icon beside your sire image. With an underdeveloped land to start out with, you increase the production of four resources, build more residence for your people, upgrade the various buildings, and finally bring out more available structures step by step. And your city will evolve in appearance with level-up in the outside. In the inside, with some time invested there, you will finally have a functioning city that has enough resources to support expansion and war and a strong enough army to hold foes in awe.

You have many different battlefields where you can train your heroes and units and loot for more resources and rewards. Traverse dangerous dungeons with varied difficulty levels, explore dozens of rebel hideouts to defeat warlord, and deploy your troops made up by infantry, cavalry and mages, etc. as you battle across a huge map. You will need allies and careful plan for total domination. And that’s the best part of the game with its many possibility of strategy and politics.

Golden Age has been in the market for quite a while, with over 40 million players thus far. It provides a solid strategic gameplay and sets itself apart with its role-playing element. Though it was launched a couple of years ago, it doesn’t feel dated in graphics or animation. If you like RTS and RPG, it is a recommended title.

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