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Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia
  • Release Date: Nov. 2009(US)
  • Publisher: Aeria Games
  • Developer: Easyfun Entertainment
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Official Site

Grand Fantasia is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in a 3D stylish world with a bright palette. The game features quality graphics, fluid gameplay, solid customization and unique Spirit pet system. In general, the game provides the standard fantasy elements which are fun but by no means fresh.

Grand Fantasia

All takes place in the world of Saphael, where players as Spirit Messengers need to prepare themselves by battles for the Day of Destiny when they have to defeat demons and save the world. Players can customize characters in looks in the beginning to details, but don’t choose a class until Lv. 5. Finish the Job advancement quest and pick up the first class. Not only own characters but Spirits (the pet) can also be customized and entered to one of twelve classes. More than a mere companion, Spirits can help in various activities such as forging, crafting, mining, and meanwhile improve their skills and gain xp.

Grand Fantasia is generic in graphics and in gameplay as well. You take quests to gain xp, learn new skills and equip better gears to grow stronger, and level up to unlock more maps to explore. What’s different is that you don’t develop alongside a skill tree but directly learn a skill after purchasing it from the NPC, and that you can combine items to learn Talents for special bonuses. PvP is not available before Lv. 31.

Grand Fantasia doesn’t revolutionize or push the fantasy genre any further. It’s just commonly fun, with core gameplay altered slightly. Players who like fantasy games like Fiesta or Luna Online will find a lot to like in the game.

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