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Grand Voyage is a free-to-play seafaring exploration RPG set in the European age of sail. The game brings the ship building, trading, naval battles and more together on the web browser providing a casual role-playing experience.

Grand Vogage

In Grand Voyage you choose to become a pirate from N.E. or a trader from W.E. to start the adventure and enter role-related storyline correspondingly. You have only one small ship and will use it to make profits from either battle or trade. Quest to quest, you earn coins, buy more ships, build powerful fleets and seek greater development by being a member of a large group. Ship build, trade, crew recruitment, equipment enhancement, instanced battles, realm war and guild – all these features are incorporated and blended to provide a casual and easily accessible RPG experience.

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Key Features:

  • Ships: collect materials by fighting Instanced battles to build more than a dozen historical ships; improve the power of ships with different parts and boosters
  • Trade: become a successful merchant by buying low and selling high between the many ports worldwide
  • Battle: fight for or against pirates; team up to engage in Instanced battles for special material drops; and participate in large scale cross-server warfare to become a legend
  • Social: make friends and enemies, party together for great challenge and join a guild for more profits
  • Casual: easy point-and-click control; auto navigation and auto battle options; easily in and out on the web browser