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  • Release Date: 2009
  • Publisher: InnoGames
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Official Site

Grepolis, an online strategy game by InnoGames, is set in the world of ancientGreeceand integrates various Gods in its mythology. Since it made debut in German in 2009, it has already localized for several countries in different language versions, covering but not limited by English, Spanish and Portuguese. Compared to other games like Ikariam in this genre, Grepolis has its own attractive systems that usher you into an ancient civilization teeming with miracles, heroes and gods.

“Build magnificent cities, forge mighty alliances, utilize the power of the gods, conquer the world!” Following its slogan, you set foot onto a Greek island and thus start building a town, meaning “polis” in Greek.

Grepolis is relatively simple and easy to learn. It doesn’t implement the usual setups of quest line and hero recruitment and level-up. Just building various structures and forging an army of different units. Meet the building requirements and then add more and more structures in the town. Army units, 23 in total, vary yet fall into three major categories, e.g. land units, ships and mythological types.

Once economy and army is well-prepared, you could carry out your own expansion strategies. You can consolidate your own town first and then initiate attacks against those dwelling on the same island with you; or you have some big ideas that drive you to explore wilder, directly founding new “polis” on other islands by conquering the ocean. You can stay as a lone wolf to expand single-handedly, and you also have alternative choice to form alliances for aids in emergency. Whatever is your favorite move, you can play the game in your own way.

Besides the staple of strategic gameplay, the game aforementioned also adds the role of several Gods in the Greek myth. Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Athena all have their positions here, blessing their worshippers with buffs in production or war. You can decide to pay homage to one of them and gain the corresponding benefits for your country.

Grepolis features a really straightforward interface and simple gaming mechanics that can be summed up quickly. With little distractive systems, the game sort-of purely focuses on Strategy. Go to explore this ancient land, and conquer it!

Grepolis Screenshots:

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3 Comments on Grepolis


  1. yane teles says:

    quero entrar nesse jogo….

  2. Common sense says:

    This game sucks. You pay to excel and spend lots of hours building a city just to come home from work. To find out all your time and investment (yes investment, even though its called a game when you put money into it its an investment in entertainment) has been taken away by some live at home punk who now reaps your rewards. This is totally retarded and not thought through. I can understand stealing resources or even taking extra cities but basically stealing your investment and time is not very well thought through. Good luck with this crap game. Even if I didn't spend any money. It would be a waste of time with the same results. lol retarded.

  3. LiveYourLifeInstead says:

    Not recomended!

    Some people pay to make their troops 20% stonger and some ppl does not…

    Free to register – yes but you will soon notice if you wanna gain the ranks you gotta let the money talk.

    Sure you can try to play without paying but you will soon notice it's just a WASTE OF TIME!!!



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