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Grub Guardian is a free-to-play, fun tower defense game of itself, and also the first title from KingsIsle Entertainment tied directly to the popular family-friendly Wizard101 from the same developer.

Grub Guardian

As a standalone title, Grub Guardian offers solid tower defense (known as guardian defense in the game) gameplay, which allows players to position several different guardian animals on a map to shoot intruders preventing them to arrive at the end of the zigzagging path for a bowl of food. By eliminating enemies, player can level up their guardians and also gain experience points.

A satellite game accessory to Wizard101, Grub Guradian also serves as an extension to the larger online worlds. Wizard101 players are able to log in directly with their existing account and use their pets in Wizard101 as guardians here for experience points. In this way, players can unlock new maps, save their progression, access new premium in-game items through the Grub Guardian Crown Shop, and redeem earned Wizard101 codes in the main game.

KingsIsle has accumulated over 30 million registered users across Wizard101. And the tie-in title is not only another fresh experience for loyal fans, especially pet lovers, but also a good way to further expand the already large player community.

Grub Guardian was officially launched on Nov. 6th, 2012 and is available on iOS devices and PC/Android web browsers now.