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  • Release Date: December 2012
  • Publisher: Masthead Studios
  • Developer: Masthead Studios
  • Genre: TPS
  • Official Site

GUNS and ROBOTS is a new free-to-play Third-person Shooter from the developer of Earthrise. As in most online shooters, players in it will get hands on a large arsenal of weaponry, engage in fast-paced breathless multiplayer arena battles, and climb up ranks by rallying up achievement.

Guns and Robots

Uniquely, the game introduces the personal construction site, known as Burn-in Garage (BIG) in the game, where players can assemble their fighting robots from scratch with a wide range of weapons and over 150 components, and test the looks, movement and the robot configurations in the custom-map with breakable objects. Another striking feature is that players can use multiple weapons simultaneously to pinpoint enemies.

Unity engine is utilized to render the graphics and smooth dynamic action. GUNS and ROBOTS is slated to release in December 2012. Stay tuned.

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