Guns of Icarus Online Closed Beta Slated in March

TIME : 25th Feb 2012 SatAUTHOR : Eleanor

Muse Games has put out the call for both funding and beta testers for its latest multiplayer airship combat game titled Guns of Icarus Online by a pre-order event on Kickstarter. Now the testers for this early beta test have been recruited, and the test is scheduled to come sometime next month.

Guns of Icarus Online focuses on the multiplayer airship combat. Players will take the role of Captain, Engineer or Gunner in ships and cooperate with other crew members, human or NPC, to survive the war-torn world. Defend your town from raiders, trade and collect resources, fight pirates and win glory in the PvP battles.

If intrigued, players can still sign up on the official site to receive newsletters about project updates or the next open beta.