GunSwords: Tin Soldiers



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GunSwords: Tin Soldiers is a new free-to-play turn-based tactical MMO with rich strategy and exceptional artworks. It places you into the role of commander who needs to build different squads, lead them to win turn-based battles and climb over the ranks of achievement.


GunSwords Highlights:

  • 3 Different Types of Tin Soldiers: recruit Swordsmen, Gunners and Mages to make different formations of a squad in response to enemy’s and draw upon each class’s special abilities like swordsman’s ram attack
  • 15 Different Weapon Types: arm your soldiers with different types of weapons from swords to chainsaws to rocket launchers, and upgrade each one to utmost Lv. 10 for mighty power
  • Hex-grid Battlefields: command your squad in a variety of hex-grid battlegrounds and display your tactical prowess by careful calculation and flexible strategy
  • Various Game Modes: battle against both real-players and AI-controlled golems in the game to enjoy the athletic, competitive matches
  • Convenient Match-making System: pit you against players of the similar level in a plain ground
  • Rating System: obtain ranks and achievements, etc. in the game by defeating opponents and gain access to new weapons and battlefields
  • Special Artworks: in-game battle arenas depicted in a stylish, detailed fashion and in-game skills designed with spectacular visual effects, especially the last move
  • Free-to-Play: most in-game contents are free for all with optional premium account for certain advantages

GunSwords: Tin Soldiers has just entered open beta for the masses. If you are a fan of turn-based strategy, you can check out this one.

GunSwords: Tin Soldiers Screenshots: