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Halcyon Empires is a stylish strategy game developed by LOCK-Rock gaming company for both PC and mobile. Set in distant corners of universe, the game centers around the struggle and survival of three alien races in a new world and casts players into fierce and tactical battle in both solo and multiplayer campaigns.

Halcyon Empires

The story in Halcyon Empires starts with a cataclysm that renders the three races, Aeridia, Aquavar and Flammak, homeless and sent to an unknown world by some mysterious miracle. On the new world the three races need to fight native creatures for survival and at the meantime battle each other to take control of the new lands while unveiling the mystery behind the destruction of their home planets and how they came to the new world.

Players in the game can select to join one of the three alien races and gradually gather around a group of racial warriors with unique abilities and battle style. Leading their own troops, players will enter the grid-based battlefield commanding every warrior to attack, evade, block, rest and unleash special abilities by turns with tactics to defeat opponents. Players will first embark on the single player campaign unlocking rocks one by one to horn skills by battling AI enemies while building up stronger army, earning tactic cards and gaining access to the PvP battles.

Halcyon Empires – Key Game Features:

  • Three Distinct Races: Aeridia, Aquavar and Flammak, each with unique history and a group of special warriors
  • Chess-style Tactical Battle: build an army and lead them to the 7×7 battleground; decide every soldier’s move in turn and utilize each unit’s strength to attack or defend strategically to defeat enemies
  • Progressive Solo Campaign: march the world map conquering rocks to obtain tactic cards, win new collectible warriors and unlock different levels of PvP world
  • Tactical Cards: win tactical cards by completion of rocks or by purchasing for diamonds and use these cards cleverly to boost army members’ strength in attack, defense and obtaining of new powers
  • Competitive Multiplayer Combat: battle with friends or jump into fray with random players in the multiple levels of PvP battles and fight for the top position of the leader board

Halcyon Empires is not available currently and “coming soon” to both PC and mobile.