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Hall of Heroes is a new strategic battle game focused on synchronous PvP battles. The game features a fantasy setting, chess board-styled battlefields and real-time strategic battles and brings them to the easily accessible web browser via Facebook.com.

Hall of Heroes doesn’t have a back story as prelude to its many battles. It starts with a direct tutorial that introduces the battle rules and goals. The battlefield is a grid-based board where two competitors take one side as Red or Blue. The goal of a battle is simple: destroy all enemy towers or heroes to win.

Hall of Heroes

Each side has five heroes and couples of special boost items like shield and meteor that can be used in the battlefield. Depending on its archetype – archer, mage, cavalry and the other classic battle styles, each hero has its weapons & skills and move & attack ranges, while the items can give a boost to heroes in attack, defense, magic power or other aspect. Battle is turn-based and in each turn you have five moves to make – place heroes on the board, move, attack, heal, teleport, use items, etc.. Moreover, you can draw upon the several special icon-marked tiles on the board: move a hero to an icon (that offer either extra points in certain attributes or allow you teleport freely beyond the limitation of movement range) and the hero will gain the corresponding benefits.

The battlefield, the special items and the characteristics of every hero are the three main places where strategy comes from. No adventure campaign is included; the PvP match is the only option (at least for now). After tutorial, you can warm up in the no-loss training mode where you compete with another player with nothing in risk and learn to grasp the gameplay. When ready, you can start battles with another player matched randomly by the system or an added Facebook friend trying to win some coins and experience.

Since no detailed explanation about the hero skills or tactical battle formation is available, you need to figure them out by trial and error. The tutorial doesn’t explain how but simply displays an awesome Chain Electric trick – place your heroes in certain position, one hero’s attack can trigger a special effect involving adjacent units in a team. That’s one tactical move you see and you have more moves to discover in battles.

Hall of Heroes is now playable on Facebook but is still in early version. Currently, it seems that every player has the same five starting heroes mentioned above. But perhaps more are on their way given that a Customize Team feature is “coming soon”.

Playing Hall of Heroes is like playing chess online, though the game rule is different. If you love that kind of brain-training strategy, you can try out this early version.

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