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Cook some food over the campfire, eat to keep full energy and then go out for some adventure. Really simple yet exciting lifestyle, isn’t it? Well, welcome to Hello Adventure.

The gameplay in Hello Adventure is straight to the point. There is not much to account of any back story. Upon entry, you simply start your journey of adventure. You explore in the dark dungeon in which you fight all sorts of foes, free captivated pals, gather loots and drops and then return back to your camp after completing the quests or clearing the dungeon.

The dungeons are covered with a layer of mystery. Initially, a dungeon only reveals a small patch (dozens of grids) centering your character, leaving the rest in the dark. As your character clears all the evil little creatures and moves on, the areas covered in darkness will turn to colorful and bright, which is not only a feast to eyes but also makes you feel a sense of progression. The dark areas ahead just allure you to explore on and on.

The game relies heavily on quests. There is no back story to thread all quests. The quest line just meanders through one chapter to another, ushering players into different themed dungeons. To prevent everything from falling flat, it’s designed with various monsters, diversified playable scenes and tons of loot to gather from killed mobs and guarded objects like vases, treasure boxes and even tiles, etc.. To follow the quest line, you will rescue several in-game characters and make them your companion in adventure.

While you may want to head to the deep of dungeons, you can only go as far as your Health allows. Health is like the Energy setup in other games. You can go venturing only if you have five points of health at least. Every hit costs one point, so it won’t take long before your health drops zero. To continue the journey, you have to recover health by directly buying refill for real money or using collected potions if you have; otherwise, you come back to the camp to cook some food to get more health.

Food rotated over the campfire must be consumed timely for they can spoil or get burned; and it’s same to the plants grown there. Other than cooking food and harvesting gold coins there, you can also build and upgrade buildings and craft items with materials collected in adventure. Crafting is more reliant on real money than Health refill, since some items needed to complete the crafting simply can’t be found by gathering. Ask friends for them or buy them or drop your crafting plan.

Hello Adventure in enjoyable. It has what it takes to make those hit action role-playing games and manages to implant it to fit to the goofy environment and casual gameplay. play it to say hello to adventure.

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