Heralds of Chaos

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Heralds of Chaos is a new exciting hybrid game that blends deep turn-based strategy with the deck customization of a collectible card game. In a world at the brink of destruction, three warring factions taking arms against each other over the ultimate dominance. Choose your side, build your army and fight to victory in the war-torn land.

Heralds of Chaos

Key Features:

  • Choose to join the three factions known as the noble Kingdom of Avalon, the warlike Flameborn and the nefarious Hellspawn, each with its own history and purposes to achieve in the war
  • Match your wits against others as you compete for victory on an ever-changing map
  • Battle other players in live player-vs-player battles
  • Create the perfect deck with hundreds of card combinations
  • Immerse yourself in detailed environments and gorgeous hand-drawn art
  • Fight to the top of the leaderboards

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