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Here Be Monsters is a brand new adventure RPG that is newly released on Facebook now. It is a hybrid title that has blend elements of adventure, role-playing, monster capturing and building sim together to create a fully-featured experience in one game.

The game tells the story of a corrupted world where Starium turned friendly animals into hostile and the Ministry of Monsters thuly formed recruiting trappers to capture monsters and cure them. You are one of the new recruits responsible of curing monsters and safeguarding the peace of the world. Bring your traps and explore worldwide for adventure.

Here Be Monsters

Capturing Monsters, exploring on quests and building homestead are the three major components of the game. And they are closely interwoven into a save-the-world main story. You start the journey from London, the headquarter of the Ministry of Monsters, where you meet up with different NPCs that gradually bring in fundamental, essential contents to help you establish your homestead while offering quests (including capturing monsters but not limited to it) for you to explore worldwide.

Energy still rules. Almost every act – plow, harvest, craft, collect, fish, foray, cook, etc. – consumes energy points and costs different amount of them. Uniquely, though, you can get energy refill by food and drinks besides the slow auto-recharge. Where do you get food? Yes, from your homestead where you can grow crops & fruits and raise animals and where you can cook and craft higher-energy edible things like roasted squash and popcorn. In your homestead, you will also build four types of structures needed to prepare you for the exploration outside.

You cook food from the campfire that provides not only backup energy but also materials to complete certain quest; craft tons of items at your workshop from hey to plank to fishing pod and metal grill; make flour in the windmill for baking baits to attract monsters; and create various potions and do some research in the lab to accelerate your crafting and improve success rates. Each facility has three levels from recruit to expert, with larger size and better functions. And every creation out of them has its own recipe – 5 clovers and 2 wild grass make hay; different amounts of flour, banana, cow milk, chicken egg and walnut make banana bread; and 2 black ink and 1 umbra make shadow ink, for example. And all these recipes can be checked in the Almanac, an encyclopedia covering info of monsters and fish, collection and portion, and recipes of cooking and crafting.

Here Be Monsters

Get everything set up in the homestead and it’s time for some exploration in the outside. The in-game quests will avalanche out driving into endless labors that drains your energy quickly. Fish in the pond to get the right fish out of 63 species, hunt down corrupted monsters from a collection of 99 kinds, collect various raw material – practically almost everything in the game from seaweed to gnome cap – to make the baits, craft items or fill in a collection. Every time you set off for a journey, you need to be energetic, because of all actions traveling is the most tiring. Based on the distance between your home and the destination, you may need energy from less than 100 to even thousands of points by one single traveling over the in-game map based on actual world.

Energy is important. You start with an energy bar with a cap of 40 or so, but can raise the max by leveling up. Besides food and auto refill, you will occasionally receive 200-energy Ministry Waybread by quests even when you are in low level with a limited cap in the bar. It’s recommended that you save that for later use when you expand the bar; otherwise, it’s completely waste because you can only get as many energy as the current cap of the bar. And it’s really time-consuming to accumulate the energy needed for a far exploration merely by food and auto-refill.

The game monetizes by the premium items. With real world money, you can buy greater bundles of Waybread that store hundreds of energy, time potions that cut down the completion of crafting or construction, welcome packs that contain bundles of good stuff and many others that offer advantages. To set advantage aside, you will find some of the essential in the premium section as well. You need many raw materials, even those you would think useless like grass, to make various items, all of which are stored in the backpack, for example. A small backpack to start off with, of course, you will soon face the need of expanding it. Although you can always sell some stuff to empty couples of slots, you will soon stop considering it an option – first, you have a lot of quests that almost all relate to material gathering; second, you never know the value of a item until you sell it; and then the coins you gain by selling are far less to compensate the energy you spend on getting them. So, you will eventually need a larger package.

Another example is the materials you need to finish construction in your home. Even for a basic recruit windmill, you need roof tiles and windows that you won’t gain easily from quests. To finish the construction, you can instantly buy all of them by spending premium currency or asking friends. But it seems that may mailbox is full of friends’ requests for the same stuff I need and don’t have. Again you are offered an alternate option; and again, that is not effective.

To speak of friends or the social features, Here Be Monsters is way better than those constantly vexing you with invite-friends pop-ups. Instead, it allows you to freely invite and make friends with players you meet during quests inside the world. As to the rest, it’s more or less the same chatting, sending gifts and answering to the requests of each other.

Here Be Monsters is worthy unhesitant recommendation with its polished stylish world and immersive fully-featured gameplay. Although you will complain a little about its surprising energy system and partially unexploited free-to-play business model, you will detect the unwillingness of abort playing until the forced halt by the lack of energy.

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