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Hero of the Obelisk, previously known as Dungeon Hero, is an upcoming action-packed MMO that features dungeon-crawling adventure and intense PvP battles at once. A combination of hybrid elements, the game is leading players into a fiercely competitive world with raging hack-n-slash.

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Hero of the Obelisk is a game with super cutesy in the surface and a game of endless battles in the core. The game offers lovely anime-styled characters, cute costumes and trinkets and beautiful visual presentation of battle scenes and the entire world. The variety of weapons and armors is plentiful.

In it the player can choose to become a strong and enduring Swordsman who can use a variety of melee weapons and develop into either an offensive force or a protective shield based on the specialization and weapon used, a Scholar with transcendent powers who can choose to master the art of healing or attacking magic, or an Adventurer who have two paths in front, the master of stealth or a tech talent.

The game features more than 100 evolving dungeons for players to challenge. Players can party together as a team made of various classes so that they can complement each other in face of danger. Party-based cooperation and strategy are highly required in crawling dungeons, especially in the end-game raids against potent enemies.

Besides, Hero of the Obelisk provides large-scale PvP battles. Players can take part in the team-based offense vs. defense Siege Battle or join the larger scale of capture-of-control-points battles among four competitive teams. Moreover, a new AoS-like strategic duel is in development as well.

Hero of the Obelisk has just finished its Closed Beta Test.

Hero of the Obelisk Kicks off Open Beta on Nov. 28

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