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HeroDex is an upcoming free-to-play trading card MMO with quick, strategic matches. It features a rich collection of beautiful cards, five different styles of Heroes, and two major gaming modes for you to take on AI enemies or real-player opponents in quick-paced matches.


You start out with a free hero, the Fighter class all-around with a good mix of cards, to move around the world and play matches. You will get familiar with the 4 general types of cards and the basic procedure how a match is played.

Manoeuvre cards decide how a hero will move among close, medium and long ranges; Action cards is the attacking or defending move a hero makes such as knight throw at Medium range and melee strike at close range; Equipment cards is mainly to enhance the suitable actions like increasing the damage dealt, countering more actions or dealing piercing or poisoned damage; and Defense card is to absorb the damages taken. In a match, you will play a series of rounds, where you choose different cards at hand to play in field. Firstly, Manoeuvre card will decide your attack/defend range against opponents, then Action and optional Equipment (both in the correct range) will come to play and take effect, and finally Defense cards with the correct number and type will be played to absorb damage taken. If you receive more damage than you can take, you fail a round. All participants in a round make their moves at the meantime, so a game finishes quickly even in large matches.

HeroDex offers both single-play campaign against AI opponents and competitive and cooperative PvP matches for multi-player. Besides the initial Fighter hero, you can also acquire heroes of other classes including well-round Warrior, physical Barbarian, ranged Archer, and unpredictable Ranger, either by playing around or purchasing in the item shop. The different style of heroes decides what kind of cards you can make into their decks. And there is a feat-based advancement system which allows you to upgrade both the heroes and their decks of cards.

HeroDex requires download before play. It is in alpha currently, with an invitation-only beta around the corner.

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