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Heroes of Dragon Age Review


Heroes of Dragon Age Review
  • Release Date: Dec. 12, 2013
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Heroes of Dragon Age is an engaging and epic CCG-inspired 3D battle game richly featured with iconic monsters and warriors from the Dragon Age franchise. The game is set in the fantastic and familiar realm of the beloved franchise and mesmerizes all players with its quality graphics, animated and strategic battles and a rich variety of fighters as they battle they way through the past of Thedas.

Heroes of Dragon Age draws great inspiration from the rich lore of the franchise and brings back a wide collection of heroes and monsters as you explore Thedas and relive the many places and storylines. The game is focused on fast, fierce combat and incorporates both story-driven campaigns and real-player duels to provide a satisfactory gameplay. You will start with the quests that challenge you to pass through different maps taking on a wide array of enemies. And with progression in the quest line you can level up your heroes in the squad and earn coins to purchase more warriors in the store.

Heroes of Dragon Age

Each map in the game covers an event in Thedas’ past and contains five quests with the last being boss fight. In battle you can select four warriors and one beast to form your squad, determining their positions based on their attributes and abilities. Every hero has its own stats in several basic traits including Health, Power, Critical Hit and Attack Speed that decide the attack range, attack order and suitable positions in the team. And their special abilities also vary ranging from stonefist to archer’s lance from shield bash to chain strike and from slam to fire ball, dealing damage on rivals with distinct effects. Once the battle starts, you can’t control your team anymore; and the warriors will take their own turn to assault opponents. And a battle ends when all fighters of one side are eliminated by the other.

Each hero wins exp in battle based on their performance and level up separately. In addition to exp point, you earn from battle and completion of quests coins that are consumed in purchasing packs to collect more characters. From the common way to the legendary, you gain differently tiered warriors based on how much you pay and what type of currency you use. You can only get the common and the uncommon for coins you earn by playing and have to pay Gems, the hard currency in the game, to purchase the rare and the legendary. Pay to win? Yes, it is just like all other free-to-play games. Yet you can enjoy the battle and develop your not expensive characters in a slower “free” path.

Some characters you purchase in the store are to sacrifice for your favorite warriors. You can use up to five unwanted low-level characters to boost one target warrior by transferring their XP via the Consume feature and increase the hero’s chance of dealing double damage. Besides, when you get the same or similar warriors you can combine them to create a stronger one with enhanced XP and stats. Besides constantly upgrading your squad of fighters, you can horn your skills to win Gems by mastering quests. As you battle forward in maps, you can also return to previous quests challenging to achieve mastery of them to earn gems. In these battles enemies will be much tougher than the normal fight but rewards you better as well, offering value to the replay.

While each fighter’s basic attributes and abilities are part of the strategy, several other factors need to be considered for greater winning odds in a battle. Of them, faction color is one of the most important. Four faction colors receive unique damage bonuses against each other in a rock-paper-scissors style – heroes in white gain bonuses against those in red who in turn against warriors in blue, for instance; moreover, four heroes gain power bonus when they share the same faction color. And don’t forget to use your runes well. Different runes can be gained as rewards and used for a limited period to offer certain bonuses such as increased health and Exp gain, reducing damage and a higher chance of attacking with the highest power or speed to all your units in the squad. When you encounter an enemy specializing in stunning abilities, for example, you can activate the very runes increasing stun resistance to neutralize your enemy’s abilities.

It expends Energy to go on the quest in the campaign and Stamina to duel other players of the similar levels. You can explore the past of Thedas navigating maps to earn XP and gold leveling up your warriors in the squad and boosting them in the aforementioned two ways and battle other players to win or lose trophies that decide your rank in the global leaderboard. Whatever is the gaming mode, you can enjoy fast-paced and exciting battles. And the rich variety of characters and monsters, heaps of strategies and great graphics & animation combine to make a satisfactory experience.

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