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Heroes of Hellas Athens is a fresh and fun Puzzle game strongly inspired by Greek mythologies. The game starts with the classic heroic story: you are called upon by Athena to rebuild her once great city that is destructed by an evil god and fight against him to foil his continuous schemes against the goddess and her followers.

Heroes of Hellas Athens

To fulfill the mission, you play creatively aspired match-3 puzzle games, each with its special goals and challenges. While the core of the puzzles are in the same vein with the classic, they impress you with the detailed graphics, awesome special effects, diverse myth-based tile designs (like the tiles with Hermes’ Wings and the lightning tiles with Zeus’s power) and clever integration of several different gods and their powers as special power-ups. Several gods will assist you in the puzzles with their special power – Zeus can shuffle the board for you, for instance – after you find their very locket in mini-games.

In the midst of the match-3 puzzles, you can also play several other favorite mini-games that are like HOG, jigsaw, etc. but more than the traditional. Not only are the mini-games true to the mythological them and integral to the entire gameplay, they also excel most of the conventional games of their own genre by bringing in something fresh. You need to find pieces of artifacts to restore them in one of the HOG-like games, but what will probably surprise you is that you can even interact with the scene moving a plate, smashing a stone and shaking a tree to find the pieces you need.

Matching-3 puzzle games are interwoven with the city re-construction and the loose yet intriguing story episode. You play puzzles to unlock new structures and earn coins, gems and treasure chests to afford buying them; and you play puzzles to collect various items, usually the parts of Artifacts held by different gods, which are needed to reach certain goal in the main story.

Heroes of Hellas Athens offers a free trial version in which you can play several levels of match-3 puzzles, build some buildings and try out couples of mini-games. Just as you are addicted the gameplay, you need to purchase the full edition for $2.99 to continue your heroic deeds. The full version will unlock other gods, over 150 new levels including bonus levels, the rest mini-puzzles and new game modes other than the first two options.

With its greatly detailed graphics, creative myths-based match-3 puzzles and clever integration of diverse elements, Heroes of Hellas Athens is simply epic. It is worth checking out.

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