HeroesGo Will Enter Its Open Beta Phase on August 30

TIME : 12th Aug 2013 MonAUTHOR : Eleanor

ESTsoft Inc. announces today the Open Beta phase for their Action RPG, HeroesGo, will start on August 30, 2013. With the open play, HeroesGo aims to provide greater experience for players with its newly added features and further refinement based on closed beta testers’ feedback.

HeroesGo had a successful closed beta, during which it established an active and supportive community and received many suggestive feedbacks. Based on players’ suggestions, the developer team prepares a better open beta by introducing a slew of new features and additions such as brand new quests and dungeons as well as great improvement from the revamped PvP system to the intuitive UI.


“We have expanded challenges for hardcore players while accessibility remains fully intact. We have new systems in place to reward players for completing Challenge Missions and besting the competition in PvP, which expands HeroesGo‘s aim to reward success through skill-based gameplay,” said Ajmal Popal, assistant product manager of HeroesGo at ESTsoft Inc. “Closed Beta was a great opportunity to gauge the public’s response to HeroesGo. Feedback was not only incredibly positive, but the amount of constructive suggestions we received allowed us to continue shaping and perfecting the game even more. Players are going to be blown away by what we have in store for them in the Open Beta.”

To learn more about HeroesGo and register for the Open Beta, visit: http://www.heroesgo.com