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HeroesGo is a brand new 3D Fantasy Action MMORPG from ESTsoft Inc., the developer of the popular free-to-play title CABAL Online. The game combines the classic dungeon-crawling adventure with fierce action-packed combat to create an exciting, unrelenting experience for both hardcore and casual gamers alike.


Set in a detailed, diverse fantasy world, HeroesGo sees heroes venture into scalable dungeons to defeat the evil monsters and bosses. There are four initial classes in the game – Blader, Breaker, Gunslinger and Mage – each with its unique skills and talents that allow players to fully customize their battle style. From close-quarter combat to ranged barrage to explosive spellcasting, players can fine-tune the experience or a combination of all to suit their way of combat. With level-up, players can win skill points to allocate, unlock new abilities and evolve into a variety of advanced sub-classes. And by setting up the difficulty levels of dungeons, players can brave into challenges from child’s play to overwhelming, with exclusive, prestigious rewards for the toughest battles.

With its vibrant characters, engrossing storyline, fierce combat and stunning skill audio-visual effects, HeroesGo is a promising action-packed MORPG that is worth a try. And it is free-to-play.

Note: The Closed Beta Testing for HeroesGo is scheduled to start at 12pm PST on April 26 th, with registration live on the 19th.

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