Hi-Rez Announces Additional Arena Mode for SMITE

TIME : 02nd Nov 2012 FriAUTHOR : Eleanor

Hi-Rez reveals today that a brand new game mode, action-oriented Team Deathmatch Arena, will be added to the next patch of their tripe-A free MOBA SMITE.


Arena will take place on a brand new Colosseum-themed map and support 5 vs. 5 with minions and side-objectives such as buff camps and Gryphon Guardians. Arena is not about reaching single-end objective, but allows the first team to deduct 500 points earned by killing enemy players and minions from their opponents being crowned the winner.

To join the SMITE Beta, you can register at www.smitegame.com.

About Hi-Rez Studios:

Hi-Rez Studios was established in 2005 to create exceptional, interactive online entertainment. In 2010 the company released their first title, the squad-based shooter MMO Global Agenda.  In April 2012 the company released the critically acclaimed Tribes: Ascend, billed as the World’s Fastest Shooter. Hi-Rez Studios is now developing the upcoming action MOBA game SMITE and a sequel for Global Agenda. For more info visit www.hirezstudios.com.