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Hidden Express

Hidden Express
  • Release Date: Sept. 2012
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Hidden Express is a new Hidden Object game on Facebook that features a moving train. The title of Hidden Express may sound a little weird but will come home to you when you get to know its game design and mechanics. It’s really fun to have a moving train in a hidden object game.

Hidden Express

Hidden Express doesn’t tell any back story. And in fact, it needn’t. Once in, you are just board the train which is ready to depart the Lv.1 station. Entering the first hidden object scene, you will see an express with an engine in the front, a Caboose at the end and several boxcars in-between. On each boxcar, there is a Clue (name of an object). You need to find the objects listed on the train, clear boxcars to reveal the engine, and finally find the Engine clue to win. The quicker you find the Engine Clue, the better you score. You need to earn at least 1 star to pass a level. And once started, the train will keep moving forward to enter a tunnel. If the caboose reaches the tunnel, it’s game over.

So, Hidden Express is quite a fresh experience and a challenging one. In-game scenes are beautiful but difficult with tons of stuffs piled secretively on one limited space. Besides, the moving train is a kind of constant pressure that forces you to quicken you searching speed and strengthen your short memory. That said, it is still reasonably difficult. Every time you clear a boxcar, the engine and the rest carriages will be dragged behind a little bit to give you more time and the chance of revealing the engine Clue.

With level up, you will travel to other locations unlocking new scenes. Also the Express you take can get a little ‘crowded’ as well. Some boxcars will show more than one clue sometimes. In this case, you can win bonus points if you can find all the clues to clear the Bonus Car. Moreover, you will unlock power-ups such as Seeker (to identify a particular clue) and Slow Time (quite self-explanatory). But you need to purchase them to use for HX, the only currency in the game. You have 20 free HX in the beginning, but have to buy them with real money if you want to.

Hidden Express seems to me to have borrowed from Match-3 mechanics and mixed it with the traditional HOG. Not only does the gameplay take on a flavor of Blitz, it also implements the special Life setup usually seen in Match-3 puzzle games. In it, you have 6 lives (Full) in default. Playing each scene costs 1 life regardless the result. So continuous playing is out of the question if you don’t spend money in it. It’s great that the game offers a generous full refill when you run our of lives for the first time. Yet, after that, you just have to wait for its auto recharge, ask for friends or purchase lives in the item shop.

Simply put, Hidden Express is great. It breaks the old pattern of HOG and brings another layer of challenge. You can enjoy it for a long time even you don’t pay a dime.

Hidden Express Screenshots:

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9 Comments on Hidden Express


  1. Donna Daniels says:

    how can i buy the hidden express game ?

  2. ana says:

    is a facebook game

  3. sophie says:

    annoyed, i have not been able to play hidden express all day as its been down and now when people are trying to play it is saying they dont have enough energy :s how when they havent played on it all day ??

  4. I sent requests to get keys..they were sent but didn't register when I accepted them…it show a spinning symbol. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled. I have tried to send new requests but can't. I cannot move forward..please help.

  5. Pista says:

    Glad that i have found you people.i have read reviews on Hidden express and found to be really interesting. It is difficult to understand in the initial level but as when you continue to play, you would find it really interesting. Enjoy playing.

  6. Cathy Marshall says:

    why cant i play any more, keeps saying im not connected to the internet, no matter what i do, it will not let me play Hidden express, HELP!!!

  7. cindy says:

    there are some scenes that are impossible to win..like the space one..i bet i played it 200 times and there is NO way you can get 3 stars..I found this true in about 5 different scenes..I am in city 31 and need 14 stars to continue..there is no way because no matter how hard you try you can't beat the city..Im moving on to a new game..it was fun while it lasted.

  8. jane says:

    how much longer before city 40 is released

  9. Marsha says:

    I'm not receiving my stars or getting my gifts On HE on Facebook !! Can you help me? Are you having trouble with the game? Check it out please !! Thanks



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