HIT – New archer character joins Unreal Engine 4 action mobile game

TIME : 05th Nov 2016 SatAUTHOR : Eleanor

Nexon today released a new update for Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) that adds the new archer character for players to take into battle in the action RPG powered by Unreal Engine 4. Downloaded more than 13 million times, the fantasy beat‘em up game has engaged a huge community of players. Over 4 million heroes have been created during the first 100 days of HIT’s global launch!


Developed by the acclaimed designer of  Lineage II and TERA, a new playable hero comes to HIT for the first time with the Archer class character, Lena Trupp. She is a quick and agile master of the bow who is equally adept at plucking the strings of a harp, employing a combination of ferocious arrow attacks and musical supporting abilities. Versatile in all conditions, she is capable in both PVE and PVP.

With moves like Whirling Fire and Fatal Pummel, she can rain arrows down on her foes, shoot in multiple directions and put enemies to sleep using her enchanted lullaby. Lena is perfect for players who value speed, since she is the game’s fastest class when it comes to dodging, countering and attacking. The new campaign will help Lena discover her true identity and unravel past mysteries.