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Hotel Enigma is an intriguing Hidden Object Game from the creator of Mystery Manor. With the similar mystery setting, the new game takes players into a grand and mystical hotel for the object hunt while solving a missing case.

As explicit as the title, Hotel Enigma starts with the mysterious case of Mr. Geest who suddenly disappeared in his room in the hotel for reasons unknown. To help unveil the truth behind the mysterious disappear, you will search the various locations of the hotel for clues, interact with other enigmatic characters from the Proter O’Shea to the chef Agatha Rossi and to the masseur Larry in the spa, and piece together the collected facts to reveal the secrets behind.

Hotel Enigma

Hotel Enigma features a series of searching spots for investigation. Following the clues found in the initial Lobby and Mr. Geest’s room, you will gradually locate your observant eyes on different places and things: the restaurant and the food cart, the spa and swimming pool, the garden maze and casino, and so on and so forth. Every scene has many objects to find such as the threatening note, the special inherited suitcase, the silver comb from a mysterious friend, the crossed-out list on a notebook and so on and by collecting them you will be led to the depth of the story and also learn more about the missing Mr. Geest like his unusual knowledge about aromatic oil and his expertise in sports and swimming.

Most missions that drive the story forward come down to a searching puzzle. In each scene you need to find the required list of items within a time limit (around 5 minutes) so that you can complete the specific goal like finding items and receive coins, exp and various objects as reward. The traditional star-rating system is not included. Instead, as long as you successfully complete a scene, you charge 25% up of a skill bar. In each scene you start from the basic Guest level and gradually level them up (via replaying) to Resident and higher levels. When the skill level of a scene increases you will need to find more items in each search.

Hidden object scenes in Hotel Enigma are quite challenging with some items designed really small and secretive. And you can use the various helps there: the candlestick is the basic and free to use with a cool-down while the other hints – the Bell to spotlight one item, the (enhanced) Repeater to add extra time and the Vacuum Cleaner that can instantly find all items from the list – must be unlocked first before they can be used in the game. Once unlocked, you have several free trials for each and afterwards have to purchase them to use for Sapphire, the hard currency in the game.

You will have to replay a scene many times to get the required items, to complete a collection or to level up and collect coins to unlock more scenes. Efforts are made to reduce the tedium out of repetitive play. For instance, you will play the same scene in different modes shifting from daylight to Night mode, or from list to silhouette style. And you will see the change of artistic design for the same item and the reshuffled position for objects. But one complaint here is that there are too many similar items in different scenes like the gloves, butterflies and ties that can be found in food cart, Room 101, lobby and spa. It would be great if every scene has its exclusive item list suitable for its specific setting.

Playing a scene costs a different amount of energy, which can be recharged by consumption of food or slower auto recovery. With level up you not only gain a recharge to full but also get an extended energy bar. And it is good that you can earn some food by playing like by exchanging your collection. There are more than a hundred of objects that can be gathered to make collections and traded to gain special clues or important items. Also, you will have a lot achievement to earn, too, as you make your way ever deeper through the investigation.

Hotel Enigma has a conventional hidden object gameplay and an intriguing detective story to thread the searching hunt. It doesn’t make any breakthrough to the established genre but offers a not bad game you can play in short bursts of time. And you can synchronize your progress on both the web browser via and your iPad to enjoy a short, quick searching scene seamlessly.

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