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Game Insight, the famous publisher that brings us Mystery Manor and Mirrors of Albion, is now developing another brand new hidden object game titled Hotel Enigma for iPad and web browser via

Hotel Enigma

Hotel Enigma is a new adventure HOG that takes players into a variety of mythical hotel settings. The game story centers on a seemingly quiet and idyllic hotel alongside the Ireland mountains. There players check in and encounter a full cast of strange hotel guests and secretive characters in the hotel. A strange and important guest is missing, and what’s queerer, the very guest’s suitcase turns out to be a portal to alternate dimensions. Moreover, the other inn guests also have the ability to travel between different worlds and have their own axes to grind. and in an attempt of searching for a missing stranger from the hotel.

Following the enthralling story full of intrigue and mystery, players will travel to and fro in the different dimensions, investigating the case of missing person and unlocking and solving a wide collection of mysterious hidden object scenes. During investigation, players will interact with different quests who may offer help or do the very opposite in the process. And players can craft helpful tools to speed up progression and collect precious artifact sets.

Hotel Enigma is still under development now and scheduled to launch by the end of 2013.