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Idol Words is a new free, fast and fun world puzzle designed for iOS devices. Set in an exotic jungle backdrop, players will move their way through multiple levels as explorers while swiping over connect letters and flipping board to score high.

The objective of the game is to uncover as many hidden words in ancient temple stones as possible in the two-minute matches. Swipe over connected tiles, use all the letters on the board, and flip it to reveal a whole new challenge. The longer a word, the more the flip, the higher the points. As in most puzzlers, players will also be able to unlock and utilize different powerful boosts for better score.

Idol Words

In addition to the story campaign, players can also enjoy fun competitions against friends, family or random opponents via the social features. Challenge another player to a competitive three-round vocabulary battle, or jump into the fray in the friendly global tournaments.

Idol Words will be launched on the App store later this April.

Key Features:

  • Journey across ancient temples to win coins and glory
  • Challenge other players worldwide for a quick battle
  • Use power-ups like sandglasses and extra multiplier to boost scores
  • Enjoy impressive graphics