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Imperia Online

Imperia Online
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Imperia Online Games
  • Developer: Imperia Online Games
  • Genre: RTS
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Imperia Online is a browser-based MMORTS set in the medieval times. In it, players enter the role of an emperor to take charge of the growth of an empire in economy, military and diplomacy. With tactics and strategy, players can build a powerful country out of a small village, build up a formidable army from the beginning swordsmen, and conquer the world by winning small battles one after another.

Imperia Online Review:

Get back to the medieval time, rise as a great leader of your country and experience the realistic ancient wars when battles are fought by infantry, archers and cavalries.

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You can choose to join Imperians or Nomads, each of which is designed with its own country layout, architecture style and special bonuses in certain aspects such as the higher population limit for the former and the higher population growth for the latter. In general, Imperians are economy-oriented while the other is military-marked, which can be a reference for your choice based on your own style.

An in-game tutorial pops up first when you first login on to the game. It is detailed and informative, providing an overview the bulk of gameplay in a 23-step guidance. By tutorial, you get to know the resource management, doing research, recruiting units and garrisoning the base. Moreover, the quick progress (construction is allowed to finish instantly) and the hefty rewards are really worth the walkthrough, even if you are very familiar with the RTS gameplay.

Unlike in many strategy titles, you refer to the Achievement rather than quest line as following guidance. In the book of Achievements, it offers many a quest that comes out by combining a series of variations in the horizontal and vertical lines. For example, the Global Plan plus Scientist equals the task of Building a Lv.3 University, while Expansion plus Espionage generates the task of infiltrating spies in an independent province. Yet, the quest type turns out to be not as much different. There are missions with one-action goals such as hiring 4,000 workers in the lumber mill, and there are quests that you can finish after multiple steps over time such as reaching 100 net worth points.

You start with a small village which you can only grow slowly and patiently. Hire workers to the resource mines, doing researches to unlock new structures, army units and skills, complete various quests to receive rewards, recruit new army units of swordsmen, archers and cavalries, and loot resources in the imperial map in independent provinces. That’s all you can do in the beginning to accumulate power for greater cause. In-game pace is not fast but fair. You need time to grow, and meanwhile you can speed up your growth by using Diamond, the hard currency.

The battles you fought is visible as you open the report. The army units in battlefields are no bigger than the ant-sized workers in your village. They stand in lines and fight in waves, with a little animation. True to the reality, the troops only contain limited types, which kind-of constrain the degree of strategic deployment. To make up, it also offers several other aspects that count in battles from armor and military skills to cartography and counter-espionage.

You can only explore in the imperial maps to attack different provinces for resources at first. With expansion and increase in power and size, you gain access to the world map to challenge other real players as you grow strong. Surely, to join an alliance is inevitable to win odds to your favor in battles if you want to survive the competition around. Your country also goes through several stages with impressive evolution of the architecture style and new playable contents such as the Babysit system in the Age of Conquest.

Imperia Online is a solid game richly featured with elements of empire-building and strategic mobilization of army. It follows the conventional model of RTS titles and manages to add some twists in the quest line and interface design. Graphics is passable and pace is acceptable. If you are looking for a new strategy game you can play in short sessions, Imperia Online is a candidate.

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