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Imperion is a free multiplayer sci-fi strategy game developed and published by Travian Games behind the classic strategy title Travian and Rise of Europe. Set in the year 2137, Imperion thrusts players into the far space in chaos struck in the endless galactic wars among three species. All hopes rest on the player, who will settle on new planets while leading its empires to victory.

The trio fronts in the galaxy are Xen, Terran and Titan, three species that maintain their existence and power in their own special ways. The Xen have the fastest unit production, which makes them the most aggressive people prone to plunders and offense; the Terrans, masters of improvisation, are the most balanced race that believes both offense and defense and can survive all of the habitats; and the Titans are a defensive species that has the best technologies and highest resource production efficiency. Each people has its own advantages and unique play style, which combines to make a complicate yet balanced gameplay.


The game is all about planets and resources management leaving the fierce wars to every player’s imagination. The player starts with one base in the relatively safe environment where he can build and upgrade a variety of civilian and military structures to maintain the empire’s economy and military forces. But there are more planets in the galaxy that can be colonized and then built and defended. And there are more actions than players usually see in a strategy game that can be conducted by using the right types of ships.

Produce resources, expand the population base, unlock more building slots, accumulate research points, gain different blueprints of fleets, and build different ships with specific functions – the core concepts of construction are not different from any other strategy titles out there, yet with more complex and richer game design saved for exploration and PvP warfare.

To build a vast empire, players can follow their ambition to claim and colonize a great many of planets. And the planets out there vary from one to another in their landscapes and characteristics. The volcanic planets with a high bonus in metal production and average efficiency of thermal power plants and solar farms can only be colonized by Xen; while the ice planets are uninhabitable for Xen, leaving its metal bonus and wind farms & Hydro power plants efficiency reserved for the other species, for instance. And there are also aquatic types for tritium production bonuses, desert types where solar farms operate at maximum state and crystal production has the highest outcomes, and earth-like planets with all kinds of bonuses but in a moderate way. Find the planets you need and make full use of its advantages.

With the right ships built in the yard, players can initiate a few military moves that make the interstellar war exciting and tense. Players can attack a planet to destroy its defense and steal resources, and then harvest resources from the after-war battlefields (and debris fields); they can send out scouts gathering intelligence on other planets and then decide the following actions to be Bombardment, Annexation or Invasion. In addition to PvP-oriented battles, players also need to continuingly search for and settle the target planets to expand their empire, or coordinate their resources by transferring ships or resources to and fro planets under control. Features such as trade and diplomacy also allow for alternative strategies. And the final endgame pitches alliances of different races as well as a highly-developed alien species into competitive, epic war, all intended to motivate players in the long term.

Imperion presents a really expansive galaxy with complex, detailed sci-fi game designs. With its in-depth planets managerial core and the diversified military moves, the game is solid and stimulating. It’s a enjoyable and challenging experience strategy fans will love.

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