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Imperium: Galactic War, an exciting MMO mixing strategy and simulation, has opened another battlefield in the vast galaxy. In the Maelstorm, three major forces are stuck in heat of wars with their own intensions, and meanwhile an all-powerful force of The Imperium is looming on their doorsteps, ready to conquer. With internal conflicts plus external threats, the interstellar war is on.

For profit, conquest or peace? Based on your desire, you can choose to join The Soveriegnty (a profit-minded union), The Tyrannar Empire (a massive and aggressive race) or The Intergalactic Alliance (a group with lofty goal of intergalactic peace), and enters a unique storyline. Each faction has three different races and a dozen or so images for you to define your avatar. The overall variety of races is great including humanoids with different backgrounds, reptilian creatures, canine/feline-looking races, mysterious armor clad beings (named Veil), etc.. With a created character, let’s meet your assistant intelligent training simulator.

Imperium: Galactic War

The game starts with a decent tutorial with voice-over. Walking through it helps you get familiar with the basic mechanics of battle and starbase. And it is also rewarding with some free cash as well as resources. You learn the basic WASD control to cycle between your own ships or between enemies, watch the ships auto-fire, and manually move them to evade enemy fires. Victory in battle will reward you with resources to upgrade your star-base and build more powerful ships. After a successful battle, you need to recall your fleet to base and repair damaged ships while taking some time to build/upgrade facilities.

The base-builder element is in the same vein with most strategy games, but under a new skin and with some important difference. As usual, you need to build and upgrade various structures to support the construction of fleets. There are 12 different types of facilities categorized in four classes including Infrastructure, Research, Defense and Fleets. For different purposes, all buildings serve to reach the ultimate goal – building and improving fleets as well as keeping the star-base safe. Time is still the essence in the base, but you can bend the law of time finishing a project instantly by using Palladium, a precious item that needs to be bought with real money. For free players, there is something to be happy about, too, as you can accelerate any mission with less than 5 minutes immediately for free. Another noticeable difference is the source of resources – instead of generating them in the base, you turn to warfare to gain them as spoils and get them by trade route contracted with five in-game mega-incorporations.

Due to its special resource system, Imperium: Galactic War seamlessly interweaves both base building with space wars. Fight some exciting quick battles to win for resources, and use resources to further boost the ship in hulls, shields, armors and weapons, etc. It’s just a lot of fun. You have tons of researches to conduct on weapons, ships or defense, and you can refit a ship whenever you get some better components or arms. As to fight in the outer space, the vast and varied backdrop, the intuitive yet simple control and the deep tactics from a variety of ships combine to make an enjoyable experience.

You have the 7-day newb protection, during which you should have your defense set up for expected PvP combat. During that period, you can battle NPC commanders or scout pairs scattered in the vast universe to horn skills and warm up for fiercer challenge. Initially, you will find enemies nearby, but gradually you need to travel through portals in long journey to hunt down increasingly stronger enemies. You can follow the Mission chain, fighting battles that are part of your factional story. But you can always pick up a fight against NPCs grinding a little bit for the resources needed in construction and research.

Newly launched, Imperium has already had a large player base. You can chat with other players in real time, call out a party-together invitation to take on powerful enemies, ask questions and get answers from vets, or work out a plan for difficult missions. The active and friendly community it has makes the good game even greater.

With its high-quality graphics, immersive space battles, well-designed base builder, rich ship customizations and an active community, Imperium: Galactic War is simply epic. It’s one of the best ever starship-themed sim&str MMOs on the web browser. Unbelievably, it’s free-to-play.

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