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IMVU is a 3D browser-based social game, but not a traditional video game of social genre. It is more appropriately described as a “virtual world and the world’s largest 3D chat and dress-up community”. And the major activities of the game are to dress up and to socialize.


To be specific, players in the game dress up own avatars with a great variety of clothes, take photos of new style to post and share, frequent shops to fill in a larger wardrobe, chat with other players in 3D chat rooms, decorate own room and visit others’, play the Walk-Off mini-game against another real player, make friends and have a date and so on and so forth.

The gameplay is built on customization and chat rooms. Though starter avatars are limited to nine for either gender, players can shop for whole new looks for their avatars. With earned or purchased credits, the possibilities are just endless for the creation of a unique chic image by mixing apparel, outfits and accessories in great variety and number. Meanwhile, players also have a highly customizable room of their own, in which a wide range of furniture from plants to beds can be added and arranged at the owner’s will. As to the chat rooms, there are dozens of specifically themed 3D rooms created by players. Described as 3D, it means that players will enter and meet up to 10 people in specific scenes, such as a sailing cruise or a night club, where everyone present can walk around, with chat box set under the scene. IMVU is a free-to-play title, but locks free players out of the portion of creating content (such as rooms and items) and option of hiding ads in the game.

IMVU doesn’t provide the traditional elements of MMORPG. Avatars in the game can’t move freely, but appear suddenly in the specific pre-set points, either sitting or standing. Moreover, none of the quest or combat mechanic is implemented; and Walk-off, a mini-game that pits two players to compete in swapping gems to match 3+ in a row practically, is the only one that is newly added and available.

IMVU is quite simple, almost all about dress-up and chat. But you will be amazed by the number of players worldwide who socialize in this virtual world. Stylize your virtual self and make friends in IMVU.