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Incredible Heist is an upcoming Hidden Object Game by the creator of the popular Mystery Manor. As explicit in the title, the game features a thrilling crime theme and accordingly adventurous hidden object hunt rife with danger and excitement.

In Incredible Heist players assume the role of amateur con artists who journey around the globe stealing precious items for their mentor. Targeting different treasure, they will travel worldwide and rifle through hidden caches in search for valuable items while gathering the shards of mysterious Cryptexes to unveil the heritage and secrets of an ancient Thieves Guild.

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Incredible Heist is built on the established elements of the HOG genre integrating the well-known features together. It has the traditional storyline to thread all episodes of search scenes. In terms of searching for hidden items the play is solid and diverse with varying modes from the standard text-based list to the silhouette style to scenes with a timer. Additionally, there will be a variety of puzzles and mini-games in the game such as opening a locker and restoring an important design map, naturally blended in the storytelling, to further enrich the gameplay.

As they grow to be veteran con artists, players will be able to activate and recruit various characters including planner, scout, point man, accountant, medic and steeplejack, etc. to form a professional conman team. Every helper can offer a specific bonus based on his/her profession. And each character has its own professional level – the higher the level, the greater the bonus. But players have to hire in-game friends to take the roles before they can activate and benefit from the various bonuses.

Beautiful play scenes, intriguing storytelling, diverse puzzles and mini-games and active social interaction – these are what players can expect from Incredible Heist. The release date is not yet confirmed. It is “coming soon” to both iPad and Facebook.

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