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Inferno Legend

Inferno Legend
  • Release Date: Dec. 10, 2013 (CBT)
  • Publisher: Gamebox
  • Developer:
  • Genre: ARPG
  • Official Site

Inferno Legend is a fantasy Action RPG focused on turn-based combat. The game draws strong aspiration from the classic Diablo but subverts the Hero-against-monsters storyline. In the game players will become a member of the wicked to battle through the mankind’s realm.

In inferno Legend you can start the adventure as tough Cyclops, versatile Vampire, magical Faerie, brave Samurai or string-pulling Mummy (not available in CB). Each of the five characters has its own unique looks, weapons, skills and traits that combine to make a distinct battle style. There lacks a brief introduction about these races in the initial selection. Hence a choice made based on none but the looks and assumption. Anyway, it won’t be tricky guess. Even it turns out not be your favorite, you can have some fun thanks to the hybrid abilities and diverse skills for each class.

Inferno Legend

Your story in Inferno Legend starts humbly as you as a captive of humans is sent under guard to Roland the Paladin but luckily saved and freed by Lord Diablo who happens to wreck some havocs in Luminescent Castle. After that episode you decide to follow Diablo, serving at his biddings and setting off on the quest of revenge on mankind. The story has a not bad beginning but then takes a turn fading into tedium with monotonous and poorly translated dialogues. All left is battle, level up and battle.

Like the hero brawling through a series of dungeons to get the final monster boss, you will battle your way out through many different locales one after another. Each location contains ten or so stages, each with multiple outposts guarded by mankind’s monsters and soldiers. Inferno Legend features a special hexagon-gridded journey route with each brick of the path appearing successively. When you start the challenge in a stage, you will continuously step forward to reveal the next tile, which could show up Exp/Coin rewards or a guarding monster. If encountering guards, you automatically enter battle and have to beat them to travel through. In each stage the final battle will be tougher than the previous and if winning you unlock next stage and can claim the rewards (coins, equipment, scrolls, weapons, etc.) you draw from the fortune wheel.

In-game battle is turn-based. You don’t fight alone but can take up to 8 assistant monsters with you after you’ve unlocked the slots in battle formation (meeting the requirements in sin level) and recruit the various fighters once you’ve defeated them first in the campaign. While it is pretty quick to get 3 followers by your side, it is time-consuming and grinding to get the full cast. You can arrange the positioning of your battle troupe to make the best of every fighter. High HP even with self-recovery ability, fire attack, lightning bolt, dark magic, poison, bat transformation, and so on and so forth – your own character and the troupe of helpers are versatile with a hybrid combination of abilities. While it seldom matters to adjust formation in low level campaigns, you will need to consider it when facing off real Bosses at high levels, guards of treasures and tough real-player rivals.

In-game battle is designed with fair animation with great visual effects of skills. Different monsters attack with their own tricks: poison, stun, freeze, fire, magic, vines, arrow, ice, etc.. It looks cool in the first battles and then loses charm because all battle is rather similar and because you have little control in a battle. You can’t select enemy to target; neither can you control your servant monsters (unless you are the Mummy). While you can select to deal basic attack or choose a skill to use for your character, you have to do it in a laborious style – instead of hitting hotkeys or shortcut icons to use skills, you have to open a skill interface every time in each round. In this case, it is far convenient to just let the battle go Auto. For a game focused on combat, that is a big problem.

With progression through levels you can gradually develop a stronger character. Earn Exp to level up so that you can wear better gears won in battles, upgrade the sin level to gain strength and skill points that can be distributed to unlock new abilities, and bring the Lineage (power from ancestors) and faith to Diablo into next high levels to enhance various attributes and skills. These different builds play important role in your character growth. And the best way to gather and accumulate the various resources is to grind through the Main Plot campaign. While in-game battle is generally in the temperate tier, you can find some tough battles to fight with bosses and other players.

Inferno Legend requires a small download to play. It is overall a good battle-oriented RPG with rich and deep design for fighting monsters and unique skills for every character. It shows some efforts in breaking the ubiquitously fixed pattern of countless similar Chinese games and presents some nice touches in details like the hexagonal paths and diversely connected character builds. But it still lacks the real change in the core features. The lousy storytelling, lack of real control and challenge in battle and the stubborn auto battle system are all maintained to spoil immersion. While it shows some good signs, the developers really need to work on the battle feature to increase the overall quality.

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