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Invincible Armada is a new midcore strategy RPG made by Neowiz Games, one leading developer in Korea that created hot and hit hardcore titles including C9, Seven Souls Online and BLESS. Compared to those hardcore MMOs, this new game is more casual but never lack of exciting features that are first seen in the marine war-themed games.

Invincible Armada

Invincible Armada takes you back to the golden age of sailing in the Mediterranean. It starts with a tutorial which walks you through the basics of being a captain, as you learn to move the ship around, target enemies, use its firepower and special skills, and anchor and sail off at the dock. Afterwards, your adventure begins as you sail to the sea and into the main story.

The in-game story is revolving tightly around a captain’s sea life, as many episodes of sailing, combats and trading unfolds to involve you into tons of missions. You will save a drifter and get a new ship as reward, rescue a friend from the hands of cruel pirates and finally recruit her as your crew, chance upon a royal member and convince him to your think tank with bravery and chivalry, make a profit by the price discrepancy at the trading market, and destroy the base of a group of pirates and make it your own. As you play on, you will become a great force in the sea just like the historical Armada.

Driven by in-game story, you will battle pirates many times – revenge your friend and crew, get stolen jewelry back or simply collide to teach the bad guys a lesson. Battle is real-time and intense. Be a captain, you are in charge of all your ships, each with its appointed leader though, and need to activate and freely use the skills of each boat. When you get a larger fleet, therefore, you will have greater responsibilities and opportunities to showcase your leadership and tactics. Of the maritime battle, one weak point is its lack of satisfactory control as all ships will automatically fire on enemy vessel within range. But there is also an innovative design that kind-of makes up for the weakness: when your ship is close enough to enemy’s, you can see the ship captain melee fight rivals at the bow/stern.

As in most strategy titles, the engaging battle requires the support from the base. It’s the same in Invincible Armada. Buy usable plots and build various structures, produce resources and use them to craft ship parts, manufacture ships at the shipyard, and expand and empower the fleet. Building a base plays like every strategy game except its ship-oriented theme.

The game also incorporates trading elements as a tuck-in feature. Trading is an optional way of accumulating gold coins. You can sell the items and parts crafted in the base, and shuffle between different ports buying low and selling high. There is not real depth to explore indeed, but consumes great amount of energy, especially when you are on some quest-required trading task only.

Energy, one constant restrictor in social games, serves its usual setting-pace role in the game. You need energy to anchor at a port, sail to the sea, travel to-and-from different zones and take on wandering AI pirates or real-player opponents. Energy doesn’t pose any restriction in the beginning with its auto recharging and replenishing as rewards, but will do when you climb over to high levels.

Invincible Armada offers satisfactory adventure at sea and deep strategy around building skills as well as crafting ship parts. Whoever loves warships and sea fights will have a lot to explore.

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