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Iron Dawn is an upcoming turn-based strategy MMO with a steampunk-styled universe. In the land of Tharwin, warring factions are fighting against each other for their own reason with internal problems plaguing each of their realms.

Iron Dawn

Players in the game will be commanders serving for the faction they choose and battling for control over the land. At launch, players will be able to join either Commonwealth or Quel’Nar, with at least three more coming in the future. The choice in faction will decide the following story, quest chain and usable units, etc.. The troops of Comonwealth consist of various specialists and machines, for instance, while the hordes of Quel’Nar include a large group of alien creatures that are powerful and efficient yet reliant heavily on the life force of others.

As a commander, the player will recruit, train and equip his own custom troops before dispatching them to missions or battles. Each faction starts out with seven units (with more planned for the future), each of which is unique in type as well as skill tree. Every unit can equip up to two weapons and an armor kit, which can not only enhance the attack or defense attributes but also fill into multiple roles. Besides, players can hire different types of officers that can be attached to units and empower the units with their specific buff like higher EXP gain or shorter healing time.

Players will take their troop into endless wars fighting NPCs or other players. Skill and tactics are required for victory. The in-game battlefield is well-designed with many interactive elements like destroyable covers, traps, doors and teleports. To reduce casualty, a commander needs to be familiar with the location of healing stations; and to turn around a losing battle, a leader may stand a chance with the scattered reinforcement spots. So, whoever has learnt to work the environment into his advantage may have the greatest chance to emerge victorious from a battle.

In-game battlefields are diversified with different scenarios that are threaded into the major storyline of each faction. And a noticeable feature here is that a player’s action and decision in a battle will influence the future of the story. And a passed scenario can be played more than once with different possibilities, so that players can try out a B-plan and see the corresponding results.

Iron Dawn is not a free-to-play title. Instead of paying subscription fee, players can play the game forever with one-time purchase. Free content patches will be launched regularly, with major content updates/expansions optional to buy in the future.

Iron Dawn is now at Kickstarter campaign. If interested, you can get more detailed information and try the free demo to decide whether you’d like to support it.

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