Island Tribe 4

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Island Tribe 4 has arrived for the iPad with a brand new adventure for the islanders. As the fourth installment to the hit Island Tribe franchise, it sets off in a new journey as islanders help the shaman lift the curse and return to his true appearance.

Island Tripe 4

From escaping from the erupting volcano in the first Island Tribe, the islanders have travelled far and experienced various adventures along the way. This time, they are on the mission of helping the shaman, or the pirate under a shaman mask, to remove the curse and get back his true appearance. Toward that goal, the island tribe will travel through time in search for the Altar and have adventure in China, Scandinavia and Ancient Eygpt while helping the local residents too.

Island Tribe 4 has maintained the acclaimed core – a well-balanced blend of adventure, time management and deep strategy, and opened a new chapter of the story. It offers both a free version and a Premium full game for $3.99 at the App Store.