Jagged Alliance Online closed beta test for the Spanish-speaking markets will be ready tomorrow

TIME : 13th Nov 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Madrid, November 13th – IDC/Games, the online games Spanish Publisher, announced today that the free to play game Jagged Alliance Online test for Spanish-speaking markets will launch its closed beta tomorrow Thursday, November the 14th.

Jagged Alliance Online, a top game in the strategy and action MMO genre, will start its closed beta completely located into Spanish tomorrow. Spanish-speaking players will enjoy the accurate localization, customer service and community management in their language. The game is going to be released under a free-to-play model as a browser game using Unity engine.

Jagged Alliance Online closed beta

The game, winner of “Best Browsergame 2012” at German Developer’s Award, combines multiplayer tactic-role playing with turned-based battle system. Players can create and manage Headquarters and an army of mercenaries to complete different missions around the world. There are more than 40 different types of mercenaries with specific skills, over one hundred missions available and lots of weapons and objects to unlock. On top of all this, players can fight high-quality battles in PvE and PvP modes.

Jagged Alliance Online closed beta b

The PvP mode has three different combat modes. The “Deathmatch” mode is a battle where the survivor player wins. In “Bounty Hunter”, players will have to “hunt” the same enemy and the winner is the first one who manages to get the “prey”. The third PvP mode, “Search and Destroy”, is about defeating three enemies and protecting own team at the same time.

Players will also have the opportunity to fight in “War Zones”, a competitive tournament in which player’s alliances will battle territory control.

Players can sign up for the closed beta at the game’s website, http://www.jagged.es/juego.

Spanish-speaking players are a growing community usually underestimated and forgotten and IDC/Games works to change it. That is why the company is carrying out a meticulous localization and publishing process, adapted to the characteristics of these heterogeneous and demanding community.

Victor Lamas, IDC/Games and Nvia group CEO, declared about the game: “This project is an example of the expansion period that the company is experiencing, which has already signed several projects for high quality game’s localization, thought for a mainstream audience. Spanish-speaking markets are becoming a focus for big publishers, who are looking for specialized and experienced companies for the localization of their products”.

Players are encouraged to follow the game updates at the Facebook Fan page and Twitter profile. The constant communication with players, contests and events and a high-quality community management are IDC/Games’ priorities.

About Jagged Alliance Online

Since the release in 1994, Jagged Alliance has been considered as one of the most important series in the genre of RPG games. By mixing turned-based strategy games features Jagged Alliance Online, developed by Cliffhanger Productions, keeps the spirit of Jagged Alliance alive and brings it to the online audience. The game upholds perfectly all the quality standards that IDC/Games demands from such projects.

The game combines multiplayer tactic-role playing with turned-based battle system. In this game, player will:

  • Create and manage Headquarters and an army of mercenaries to complete different missions around the world.
  • Customize more than 40 different kinds of mercenaries with specific skills.
  • Fight high-quality battles in PvE and PvP modes.
  • Buy weapons and equipment for their armies.
  • Experience a very complex A.I. that can be quite challenging for players in some cases. Nevertheless, less experienced players will notice that Jagged Alliance Online is still friendly enough even for beginners.

Jagged Alliance Online is a strategy role-playing action game that merges all of these genres finding a correct balance among them. It’s a game focused on multiplayer mode that includes a PvE missions system to obtain resources and improve players’ skills.

IDC/Game’s team is the official publisher for all Spanish-speaking territories, being in charge of localizing the game into Spanish and all I.T. related task and works: servers and data center facilities, community management, customer support and marketing. IDC/Games is doing its best in order to bring Spanish-speaking players the best of best games.

About IDC/Games

IDC/Games emerges as a specialized publishing company for Spanish-speaking markets. The company manages all processes required in every video game’s expansion plan.

As a complete publisher, IDC/Games offers all the necessary services to make a success of online games. Gathering all services in one single company, shorten time, costs and difficulties. There’s no need to work with several companies during your expansion plans when just one is capable of dealing with the whole process!

Services offered by IDC/Games include:

  • Design and management of advertising campaigns.
  • Legal consultancy.
  • Exclusive channeling deals through its own affiliation network.
  • High quality and targeted users database plus in-house email marketing tools.
  • Quality assurance: constant monitoring of performances, testing processes, 24 hours CRM and support assistance.
  • Complete localization and game testing with an experienced QA team.
  • Payment solution with over 3.000 available options.

Currently, IDC/Games works in some well-known projects like Generation 3, Jagged Alliance Online and Berserk: The Cataclysm.