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Jelly Glutton

Jelly Glutton
  • Release Date: April, 2013
  • Publisher: Royal Cactus
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Jelly Glutton is another free-to-play Match-3 puzzle game with a sweet theme like Candy Crush Saga that has just arrived on Facebook. Help Jelly the little Glutton to travel through ten (so far) different worlds of candies, cookies, creams, fruits, etc. and make matches to send the sweets into the big mouth of the Jelly.

Jelly Glutton plays similar to most games of this genre. That’s the reason why it skips the usual tutorial and allows you to directly begin swapping tiles. Simple to pick up as expected, the game provides several different modes to increase the diversity of the gameplay. There is the classic mode where you just use limited moves to score required points to pass; and there is also Chrono Mode which asks you to score x points with no move limitation but within given time. And in Recipe Mode, you need to collect required pieces of items while scoring preset points; similar to that is the Jelly Mode, in which all the jelly on the grid must be cleared within numbered moves while reaching the minimum score is also important.

Jelly Glutton

Making match of at least three tiles of the same item is the basic rule, with better, longer matching activating special effects such as bombs, flashlight, candles, etc.. They are the usual designs of boosters and can be combined to generate more powerful elimination. You will win some power-ups in small amount by playing, and also have the choice to purchase them directly in shops with real cash. As most match-3 puzzlers, the game increases the difficulty level, by greater passing requirement plus more challenging board with empty tiles and irregular shape, as you make progress through the many worlds.

Jelly Glutton is adorable in the artwork from the backdrop for each specific world to the tiles on board. And it is considerate in one minor aspect – it leaves off the regular cut-scene after every level that takes you back to the main map; instead, it direct you straightforwardly to the play board of the next level expect when you unlock a new map. Other than the graphics and cut-scene design, the game is basically played like every other game in this genre.

A fun and solid game, but conventional and unoriginal.

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