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Jelly Splash is an upcoming cross-platform match-3 puzzle game from Wooga, the developer and publisher behind popular social games of different genre like Pearl’s Peril and Fantastic Forest. With its adorable jelly characters, colorful island graphics and more than 100 levels’ fun, the game takes players into a casual yet challenging journey mixed with puzzles and arcade action.

Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash features a large island map where some different-colored cute jellies will wand their way to fend off slime Critters. It is easy to learn with basic matching-3 mechanics, and hard to master with progressively tough puzzles in high level. Players in the game will make matches of three or more like-colored jellies to clear them from the board and try to reach the goal of each level to score high points and get the three stars in completion. 5 unique gaming modes are available now, which combine with the different obstacles, special jellies, varied boosters and combos to create a diversified gaming experience, as players make splashes in the 100 odd levels.

Like other works from Wooga, Jelly Splash is free-to-play. It will be released firstly on the App Store on August 15, 2013 for iPhone & iPad users, and then on Facebook and Android devices later in September. Via the Facebook connection, it will be a seamless cross-platform experience as players can pick up on Facebook where they left in mobile devices, and vice verse.