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Jewel Epic

Jewel Epic
  • Release Date: Jan. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: 6waves
  • Genre: Match-3
  • Official Site

Jewel Epic is a new match-3 puzzle game that newly comes to Facebook. As indicated by its title, the game is designed with a theme of gems and jewels and casts a layer of shiny blink to the classic gameplay casual gamers are all familiar with.

Jewel Epic

The basic rule is still the old same: match 3 gems of the same color/shape to drop them and match more than 3 to gain bonuses. If you can match gems of the same color consecutively, you create a color combo that in turns gives you a rocket (or even cross-rocket) to swipe a while line of gems. Moreover, some gems have precious jewels installed in the center, which can be collected to fill the magic ball. Once full, magic is cast on the board to drop some gems as well. If you can match 4 or more, you get a special, big jewel that gives the magic ball a boost.

Instead of the blitz style, Jewel Epic is objective-oriented. Each match has its own goal, besides the minimum of 1 star, to reach, which decides whether you pass the level or fail to try again. At some level, for instance, you need to clear all the blocker titles, clear a path for the fruit to drop to the bottom of the board, or break all the chained gems. Simply put, you will encounter many different barriers you need to overcome to win. Of course, you can use a series of tools to enhance your performance.

You can get extra moves in the beginning, 10% or 30% more points earned from gem matches, cross rocket, and bombs and so on, which are unlocked at preset level and can be purchased with earned coins or premium bucks. In addition, you have a column of choices beside the game board, which include Paintbrush (which changes several gems on the board into the same color to create better color combo), Giant bomb (which clears 5*5 area of gems) and Hammer (which destroys all black stones), etc.. Meanwhile, you can get tips of available matches when you don’t take action for a while. Note that, however, the recommended matches are not the necessary the best choice. In the contrary, it can be a waste of moves, which are numbered, especially in challenging high level.

You have 5 lives in default, which are consumed when you fail and recover over time. You can pass levels and play for free most of the time, but need Bucks (hard currency) or friends’ help when you complete one map. To enter the peaceful Winding Woods from the spooky Towercap Forest, for example, you need 6 bucks or friends’ help to pass the entrance. While you have 10 bucks in the initial, you can pass the first portal for free. After that, you either pay or invite friends.

Jewel Epic is fun, beautiful and immersive. It is worth a try by casual gamer.

Jewel Epic Screenshots:

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4 Comments on Jewel Epic


  1. jennifer says:

    I love this game except have 1 star, cant understand this concept making game boring now

  2. Cee says:

    I finished game #100. It says the path to the next stage has been opened, and when I click on it it keeps on saying there an error click to retry and I do and It keeps on telling me the thing over and over again!!! I am so frustrated..

  3. IJ Sorley says:

    I needed 3 friends to send me a life each and these friends were not on the list of people to ask for help but they are on my chat list and on a list with every other game on Facebook, where are those names?????

  4. I bought a rocket some time ago when it was available on the top left of the screen – never got it and now it is only available from the bottom left – I want my money back. All correspondence to 6waves goes unanswered!!!!!



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