Join the Battle: Line of Defense Tactics is Live Today on PC

TIME : 12th Feb 2014 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

3000AD announced today the launch of Line of Defense Tactics, a real-time squad management strategy game, for PC platforms.

Based upon the upcoming MMO Line of Defense as well as the comic, Line of Defense Tactics uses the world, weapons, and vehicles to put players in the shoes of a strike team of four elite GALCOM Marines in real-time tactical combat battles.

Line of Defense Tactics

Line of Defense Tactics Features:

• Action filled storyline based on the Line of Defense comics
• Real time tactical combat with a persistent team of characters
• Fight the enemy in ship to ship combat, inside their bases, and on the ground
• Command infantry, androids, and vehicles to complete your missions
• Call in airstrikes, deploy turrets, and gain access to advanced weaponry
• Access the Line of Defense MMO game’s unit and equipment database for intel

Line of Defense Tactics is now available for PC. It’s also available for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Mac platforms.

For more information on Line of Defense Tactics, visit the official website at:

Pertinent Details

  • Platform: iOS, Android, Amazon, OSX, PC
  • Genre: RTS, tactical strategy
  • Developer: 3000AD
  • Publisher: 3000AD
  • Release Date: Out now