Journey of Jesus: the Calling

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Journey of Jesus: the Calling is a new social game available on Facebook. As the title suggests, this new game is of the same type with Journey of Moses, another religion-themed social game launched in 2011. In fact, it is. It’s created by the same developer of JOM, Lightside Games.

Journey of Jesus the Calling

Journey of Jesus: the Calling is described as the first-ever video game based on the life of Jesus. Walk in the Messiah’s steps and experience Israel in Christ’s era. The game delivers a quest-driven adventure in which players travel across familiar locations recorded in Bible, search for artifacts and items, help the poor and hunger, and also involve in the time’s politics and religion.

Play the life of Jesus. As it’s built on a ready story and plot, the game moves on and unfolds a wide range of activities players can conduct from one zone to the adjacent next. Similar to JOM, players also get a hometown to come back constantly collecting materials and even manufacturing items alongside the journey afar. Typical in most Facebook games, energy bar (with starting 25 points) is set and consumed with every in-game action; and non-complex social interaction is incorporated as well.

Journey of Jesus: the Calling, another casual game with little unseen before in other social titles, except the unusual christian theme. Get closer to Christ in an entertaining way.

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