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Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder
  • Release Date: Sept. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Official Site

Jurassic Park Builder is a managerial Simulation game about building a dinosaur-themed park. Free-to-play and browser-based, the game offers easy access available on the web browser via Facebook and also iPhone, iPad and Android.

In Jurassic Park Builder, the player will enter the role of the owner of the park that is developed from the initial small patches of land near the shore. Expand to adjacent areas, search for valuable ambers and process those ambers in the lab to extract the DNA strands of the ancient dinosaurs, and then create the ferocious species and place them in your park.

Jurassic Park Builder

Players will need to build habitats for the hauling animals, feed them to keep them calm and grow them to adulthood. For all the coins invested in the management and construction, players can earn them by attracting guests and funders. To do that, they need to build road for tour, put up decoration and build various reception buildings like hotels and amusement centers. When the dinosaurs are upgraded and grow in number, players can turn on the Code Red from time to time, which creates certain tense to the tour but allows players to maximize their gains while keeping the dinosaurs at bay.

The core gameplay in Jurassic Park Builder is plainly conventional with the building and collecting system and the balance of income and expense. Suitable for its special theme, it includes some fun dinosaur-related facts and information. But it lacks certain vitality or living breaths on the whole and turns out to be slow and dull, partly because of its drawing style and partly because of its shortage of contents and slow pace. While it is clever in the naming, which may attract many players, it needs further improvement in contents to make those attracted by the title stay interested and come back for more.

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