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Kill the Clowns is a fresh and funny Tower Defense game that is both cute and challenging. With a unique and clever circus theme, the game brings an amusing and addictive take on the traditional tower defense genre.

Kill the Clowns spotlights the battle of a group of circus performers against alien clowns with sweet teeth. The aliens found that human baby drool added an unmatched flavor to their candies so that they came to the Earth to steel children. The circus performers who brought hearty laughter to children will use their special talents to protect their audience.

Kill the Clowns

Kill the Clowns provides 48 exciting levels with progressive challenge and deeper strategy. In every level you summon and send available defenders to fend off the invading horde of alien clowns. You collect candies by killing enemies and use them to send the various fighters into the battle reinforce your defensive line until you fend off all enemies to pass a level and unlock the next chapter. You start out with the basic units to battle similarly basic alien baby thieves and with progression can activate new and unique defenders for ever tougher clowns in the next battles.

You can have up to 9 types of defenders that are greatly designed not only in their looks but in their archetypes and abilities concordant to the circus theme. You will find the Money on his unicycle, the marvelous Magician that turn enemies into rabbits, the dwarf-throwing Strongman, and the weirdly charming Beard Lady who makes everyone nearby loves her and carry out better fight. These nine types of performers attack uniquely in their own way but can be categorized roughly into four kinds based on their battle style.

Of them, you have three single-target attackers that are weak in strength but fast in movement and attack, three area-of-effect fighters that use their specific weapons like fire flame, trunk (yeah, an Elephant) and dwarf to target multiple enemies, and the assistant style defenders who won’t attack directly but create better attack opportunities for their companions. And there is the last Bomb-like Lion that directly eat a bundle of enemies and then disappears. All defenders cost certain candies to summon and can be upgraded through three stages to become stronger with larger attack range, faster attack rate and more damage per hit.

Similar to the diverse designs of defenders, the alien clowns also come in varying skills and appearance. Some of them is fat, slow but tenacious, some shoot energy beams able to kill your defenders, and some have space hamlet to be immune to magical attacks from the Magician and the Mime. So these baby thieves are really tough coming well-armed and must be handled with proper strategy, careful plan and wise use of resources.

Kill the Clowns is overall a stylish and polished game with gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and hilariously challenge tower-defense combat. The variety in defenders and enemy clowns generate a heap of strategy but not too much to be overwhelming. Moreover, the awesome music and soundtracks do their part in its immersion.

Note: Kill the Clowns is priced $0.99 in the App Store with future updates all free.

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