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King of Agon is a free-to-play action RPG that has newly come to the web browsers. Inspired by the popular anime One Piece, the game tells the story of pirates braving difficulties and battling against competitors in search for lost treasure.

King of Agon

Players in the game will take on the role of pirates sailing off to fight for honor and treasure. They can select from four different character classes based on their favorite play style. Take quests, learn new skills, battle monsters and gain ever better equipment. In terms of game contents and structure, players will get a known-too-well experience with its similar features like questing, automatic battles and routing, dungeons, league and PvP.

King of Agon is in the same vein with most games of its type offering a series of established features players expect from a typical role-playing game. The difference, if it’s, lies with the in-game artwork, which is anime-styled, adorable and colorful. And in the game players will encounter some familiar faces like Luffy from the anime, which will certainly add a plus to the appeal of the game for some anime fans.

King of Agon is now in closed beta test. Stay tuned for its launch date and our review.