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Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age
  • Release Date: March, 2012
  • Publisher: Funzio
  • Developer: Funzio
  • Genre: Social
  • Official Site

Build up your kingdom to support an army, travel around to explore diversified dens and dungeons, and wreck havoc on the buildings of rival kingdoms. All piece up to make a standard hybrid game with role-playing, city-building and hack-n-slash on social platforms. That’s Kingdom Age, a new title from Funzio, which recently landed on Google +.

Kingdom Age

Gameplay is straight to the point. After a simple character customization (in hair, glasses and armor) and class (Warrior, Mage and Rogue) selection, you are thrust into your first battles, killing a harassing ogre and making an enemy in the battle list of rival real-players. Then the necessity of building up a strong kingdom comes into being. Tutorial ends there.

Simple and short as it is, tutorial explains enough of the gameplay. Or put it another way, what’s stored for you in the following is not much more complex than you get from the starting basics. The game consists of three major components – building own kingdoms, exploring the world map and provoking fights against other players – just as illustrated in the tutorial quests.

Building structures takes time and takes up slots, so does training of army units. You only have a small patch of land to start out with, leaving the rest potential expansion presented in bland dark green. To expand, you need items like Land Deed which can either gained by asking friends or bought for Gems, in-game premium currency, with the smallest package of 10 gems for 2 USD. To instantly complete construction or training, add extra slots, or immediate refill energy to the full – money talks its usual talks. You won’t easily grow the kingdom and do need to manage your trained soldiers, farms, cottages and research, etc..

Exploration is the most interesting part here. You explore alone, role-playing a little and fighting all the time. Each scene of the adventure boasts its own style, some snowy and some rocky. The quest line will continuously lead you to go through one after another, defeating the weakest monsters and finally finishing the boss there to close one scene. Combat is not challenging, but drains your energy quickly. Monsters don’t initiate a fight and only fight back when attacked; and the boss of a scene is not actually stronger than its followers – it hurts you by reducing one energy point as weak monsters do, and being a boss only means it has higher health and costs more energy to defeat. You spend 2 energy points per slash to hit an ogre but 16 points per slash to take on the ogre king, for example. Exploration gains you coins, EXP and various loots. A new level unlocks new structures, increase the energy cap and offers extra skill points to distribute.

To battle against other real-players is more like a tuck-on to the social and building parts. To invade others’ kingdoms costs Stamina, 5 times per day in the beginning (skill points can be distributed to increase the maximum later though). Once you pick up a rival in the list, you will enter his/her kingdom, clicking on certain structures to attack. Strangely, the battle scene only shows the structures you clicked and units of opposing sides engaging in fights beside. And seconds later, you receive a quick battle report. Over.

Graphics is not engaging with rigid structures and bad texture as for as the kingdom is concerned; and once you cut scenes, it takes a while for all on the scene to show up. Comparatively, monsters are better depicted, and explorable zones on the map display rich themes and styles. But you will surely notice that these scenes for adventure are scarcely populated or devoid of detailed designs generally to impress a loneliness feeling.

Kingdom Age is mediocre in general. There is no innovative element or special approach to the traditional mainstays. It doesn’t mean that it’s not fun, but too much re-fry ruins the appetite.

Kingdom Age Screenshots:

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